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After a Long Week...TGI Ryeday

Please enjoy our site Responsibly 

About Us

We have been enjoying Rye Whiskey for many years now.  After a long hard week, the saying is TGI Ryeday! 

This site has reviews of Rye Whiskeys, some of which you may already enjoy, but maybe you will read a review and find your New favorite Rye.   


There is a recipe section where you can find some of your favorite cocktails or find a New favorite Rye Whiskey cocktail.   


We will continue to add more Reviews and Recipes, if you have a suggestion, please let us know so we can add it, for the group to enjoy.   

Our TGI Ryeday Merchandise will be available shortly. Please check back as we will be adding New items on a regular basis.




Enjoy some of your Favorite Rye Whiskey Recipes, or try a New one.   

If you have a Favorite recipe, please share it with us and we will post it for the group to enjoy.


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John Hansell 

Perhaps the finest Canadian whisky I have ever tasted. Creamy and seamless from beginning to end.  Gently sweet, with orange creamsicle, marzipan, sultana, praline, maple syrup, and a hint of coconut macaroon. Forty Creek whiskies have always been very good, but none have ever had the right stuff to reach classic status.  Until now, that is. An outstanding, very distinctive whisky!

Product: Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve, 40%

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